Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ZeFrank - the Highlights so far...

With the "The Show with Zefrank" experiment now officially halfway through it's time to revisit the episodes from the start and catalogue my favourites so far.

17/03/06 - Episode 1
Right from number 1 we get the "Sports Racers" theme song.

20/03/06 - Episode 2 The first use of "...thinking so you don't have to."

27/03/06 The episodes start to take their current shape, and the gauntlet is thrown down to Rocketboom.

30/03/06 The day before Ze's birthday. Mmmm, depressing.

03/04/06 "You can't throw, I can't catch so let's just roll the ball..."

06/04/06 The introduction of Ze's Power Move!!!

07/04/06 Dirty Space News! The introduction of Ze's infantile humour. In my opinion he starts to loosen up a lot after this episode.

18/04/06 "We remain engaged in a global war!" Rocketboom shot 2, Sex Ed.

20/04/06 Ze's tired, the League of Awesomeness, thoughts on MoveOn.org, AT&T.

27/04/06 "Those Brooklyn Stairs" (Are the new viewers gone yet?), Rocketboom shot 3, seamless integration of advertising.

28/04/06 Ze's cranky, the Rocketboom "Poop Poop" joust.

05/05/06 Anti-Intellectualism, MySpace.

08/05/06 A trip to Austria, the paper internet, "Hi I'm Ze, what's something I like that's gay?"

09/05/06 Simple German Phrases, a walk in Austria.

10/05/06 Barcelona, Airport signs.

"How do you work this thing?", "How do you spank a giant baby?"

15/05/06 "Hindsight is 20/20".

16/05/06 Talking to the League of Awesomeness, the Earth Sandwich.

22/05/06 Ze sings the explanation on how to work the "King of the Comments", earth sandwich part 2.

24/05/06 "Why does everything have to change?"

31/05/06 Brainstorming!

06/06/06 I think I'm an adult, political parties, MySpace, wanker 2.0.

16/06/06 The show that got pulled off the site. Man, he's so wasted. Or tired. Yeah, that's it he's just tired.

21/06/06 Institutional recourse, dealing with Delta airlines, re-enactment for speculative illustration only.

23/06/06 Fabuloso Friday, Fabuloso Chess, a brief history of the comments.

26/06/06 Monday Gloomies

30/06/06 The "I Knows Me Some Ugly Myspace Competition".

05/07/06 Explaining metaphors, July 4th explained for foreigners, the history of the Hot Dog.

11/07/06 Brain Crack, "Where the fuck do ideas come from?"
I came in just before this episode, and this was the first one that really made me take notice that something special was going on here, that this wasn't your average "idiot with a camera".

12/07/06 Mushrooms, hallucinogens, challenging default symbolic architectures.

14/07/06 "I Knows Me Some Ugly", reinventing the concept of "good taste and bad taste".
This one really changed my idea of where I was coming from with media creation and what was happening in the mediascape around me.

19/07/06 Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Bush says shit!
Without doubt my favourite episode.

24/07/06 Just a fun episode. Cell phones, NASA, Hooker robots.

27/07/06 YouTube gets sued, how it all relates to copyright. Take note, because...

28/07/06 The copyright debate gets "a little more complicated than that," experts, and how to learn.

04/08/06 "In Case You Missed It" day, SugarTits cereal, the ORG, taking a shot at Tax Reform.

08/08/06 100th episode, white facial hair, Ze reminisces...
As someone with more white hairs than I care to acknowledge, and a horrendously geeky background, I relate so much.

10/08/06 Ze explains terrorism, in the wake of the failed British airline attack.

14/08/06 Baseball as allegory - Hilarious.

15/08/06 Check in on your New Years Resolutions, Army Theme Park, the Chess resignation.

17/08/06 The 10 Stages of the Illness Communication Exaggeration Curve.

24/08/06 The call for Sports Racer intros, Ze explains L.A.

Compression of information, the understanding of noise to signal, surrounded by dirty glass.
Another thought changer that made me reconsider my own position on "signal to noise" in consumer-created content.

29/08/06 Jon-Benet, John Carr, Branding (not hot metal burned into flesh).

Senator Ted Stevens and the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

07/09/06 Ze breaks early and talks about where he was on 9/11 2001.

08/09/06 Ride The Fire Eagle Danger Day, sophistication of al-Qaeda recordings, foreign detention centres.


14/09/06 "I guess I'd call it Intellectual Comedy."

18/09/06 The birth of "Happy Week", and "Dress Up Your Vacuum".

19/09/06 The birth of the "Ray Remixes", being selfish by making others happy.

And that puts us at halfway.

Anyway, I realise that I'm the only person that comes by here, unless it's to look for my link to the WoW-LotR mashup via Google Images, but in the end I really put these up so I can find them again quickly and easily down the track.

However, should Ze happen to notice this post via Technorati, Icerocket, or whatever, I just want to say thanks. Really. Just thanks. You can figure out what for. Now fire up and see what you can come up with for the home stretch!

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