Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ellen and I are becoming Home Owners!

I'm not sure how long this image will remain, but I post it here for now.

It's 4 bedroom in the heart of Greenslopes, immaculately kept and renovated, with a view of the city from the master bedroom. And the best bit is that we got it a lot cheaper than we could have ever expected, as the owners have bought elsewhere and were keen to move on.

Ellen and I signed off on the revised offer yesterday (after a serious Ellen-style legal negotiation with the Real Estate agent) and now we wait for the 5 day cooling off period, then the 45 day handover. That means we move in 2 June for one humdinger of a house warming party!

Moreover, the downstairs bedroom means I'll still be able to have my study area, even after we start having kids. I'll even be able to run games down there without fear of waking Ellen two floors above.

Things is good.

The colour is temporary. In six months the whole complex is due for a repaint, and if we jump on the Body Corporate there's no reason we can't have a serious say on what colour we feel is appropriate.

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