Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Music! The cashcow of a nation...

Yesterday ran this article by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth about the power of the Mix Tape, especially in the current world of MP3's, IPods and Playlists.

Hot on the heels, comes a great piece by everybody's favourite NBA fund contributer and digital media flagbearer Mark Cuban about a great idea to start selling individual tracks in MP3 or proprietary form through music kiosks direct to players rather than through shops.

At the same time, Robert Capps from Wired also wrote this article about where music's future distribution lies.

Great reading all round. However, while I'm fond of the idea (fond enough to start envisioning me walking around town with a mobile cart with terrabytes of music selling tracks and albums through USB ports and Bluetooth to joggers through the park) I have to admit to being a fan of the album. I can remember scoffing at people when they talked longingly about being able to hold onto an LP (or as one guy put it, being able to roll a spliff on one) and enjoy the cover art and lyrics sheets. Now I find myself thinking fondly on having a CD, complete with lyric booklet and associated artwork. I realise that making music only about the music again may seem to be pure, but perhaps it's a little too Puritan.

That said, you can't halt progress. Bring on the Revolution! Or as Rushkoff would say, the Renaissance.

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