Friday, April 01, 2005

The Man Who Shot Sin City - Wired

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a big fan of maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez creator of the film El Mariachi. Shot for a budget of $7000, collected through a month of being a paid lab rat, the film was picked up Columbia studios and distributed around the world. As Rodriguez said in his book Rebel Without A Crew, he couldn't believe that the Columbia logo at the start of the distributed print had cost more to produce than the move it preceded.

Over the years Rodriguez has had a few hit and miss films (Desperado, From Dusk 'til Dawn, The Faculty, Spy Kids, Once Upon A Time In Mexico) but no one can deny that when he wants to get something done, he just goes and does it. The money he made from his Spy Kids trilogy helped him to set up his own studio in his home town of Austin Texas, complete with Hi-Def Digital cameras, green screen sound stage, Discreet visual efffects system, Avid editing setup, etc.

With this independent spirit and a backyard full of gear, he convinced legendary comic book artist Frank Miller to come on board with his plan to make a film adaptation of Miller's Sin City series, a work previously considered to be "un-filmable" by Miller himself.

The Wired article is an interesting example of where digital film making's come and what it promises for the future. For that matter, if you have an interest in Digital Cinema, take a look at this article from a few days ago about Mark Cuban and his push for a fully digital film making process, starting at the distribution and display end.

Wired 13.04: The Man Who Shot Sin City


Anonymous said...

i don't know anyone who has not expressed interest in this film, from a comic book or film making background.

ok, some have gone, "it looks funny, i don't like black and white movies. i don't think it's going to be something i'd be interested in."

but i don't know these people, any more...

the fiend
that other bastard

Leonard King said...

I'm going to open up a can of worms and say that I've not read a single installment of Sin City. That said, I have read Miller's other work and enjoyed it immensely. Add that to my already announced admiration of Rodriguez and we have a winner!

Anyone got copies of Sin City they're willing to loan?

Colin Smith said...

OF COURSE! Call me and let me know when you're on campus next. I also have that article on wireless security for you.

Leonard King said...

Bring it with you on the big weekend. We'll try and do some swap with Plan 9.

While I'm on the subject, bring your dicebag...