Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star

You know, the editorial team here at King Leonard - The Weblog are always up for mass acceptance of last year's bleeding edge technology. So it makes us chuckle to see that a radio station in San Francisco is doing away with boring, overpaid D.J.'s and collecting Podcasts from the general public for transmission over the airwaves and on their website.

"I'm excited," said Infinity Broadcasting CEO Joel Hollander. "We're creating a new way to let a lot of people participate personally in radio -- sharing their feelings on music, news, politics, whatever matters to them.

"I also think this is going to be a really interesting way to develop new talent," he added.

So how long until a community television station somewhere in Boise, Idaho puts together a show made up of vlog submission? Or make their content available as BitTorrent files?

It's happening. Little by little.

Wired News: Podcasting Killed the Radio Star

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