Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Huge Industry News of the Week - Adobe to acquire Macromedia!

It's too far after April 1 for this to be a prank. Besides, it's also mentioned on the Macromedia.com home page, so the likelihood of a single prankster has dropped significantly.

The implications of what this could do for the industry are pretty huge. Of course, the big question is just which products (on either side) will go and which ones will stay.

Dreamweaver vs GoLive - You'd have to think Dreamweaver wins this one.

Fireworks vs Photoshop - Fireworks got a toehold, but there's no way it will push past Photoshop. Besides, there's a few nice features in Fireworks that will be nice to see implemented into Photoshop.

vs ... - Well that's the thing. Macromedia kind of squashed Adobe's efforts (LiveMotion) a few years back. Of course, with access to the industry's leading vector graphics internet software, what does this mean for Adobe's support of W3C's SVG standard?

So let's get down to brass tacks. What does this mean for video? Is Adobe moving away from really caring about Premiere and After Effects to take a more concerted stand in the print/design arenas as a few have feared? Or are we looking at the possibility of a halcyon age of seamless integration of video to the Web? Given some of Adobe's ideas on what amounts to seamless integration, I won't hold my breath.

All I can say is (which is fast becoming quite the maxim for this site) there are interesting days ahead.

Press Release - Adobe to acquire Macromedia

AFP Story via ABC Online

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