Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And then the bit where I rant about cyclists...

There's been a lot of talk around about bicycle riders being treated fairly, like any other traffic, that car drivers tend to treat them as invisible objects, impediments to barely swerve around and then ignore. That's what gets cyclists killed. As a former cyclist and a current motorcycle rider, I get this. I really do. I understand that drivers are blind. I understand that sitting inside a plastic and metal shell it's very easy to ignore what's going on around you until that unfortunate rider is under the wheels (and don't get me started about some of my fellow motorbike riders).

Here's my beef: Hey, cyclists! You want to be part of the traffic? Then follow the GOD DAMN ROAD RULES! You want to be one of us then it's up to you to see those "Give Way" and "Stop" signs, or, God forbid, the traffic lights. Then, and I realise this is an insane concept to a lot of you, YOU'VE GOT TO FOLLOW WHAT THE SIGN SAYS! Moreover, me foolishly believing that traffic isn't going to be coming straight through a Give Way sign is no excuse for you to start yelling that I'm blind. I'm not the one missing the Fricking sign, pal!

I understand that cycling is different to riding a motorbike or driving a car, I really do. I know that losing momentum halfway up a hill to placate a Stop sign is the last thing on the cyclist's mind. I've been there, I appreciate it, but I'll tell you what. I'll keep a better eye on you all, and make it my duty to get other drivers to do the same, if you all do what's expected from the road rules.

Aaah! That feels better. Time for another cuppa.

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