Monday, April 17, 2006

Blog Maverick | My Quote of the Week

And the week's barely begun...

Mark Cuban has a few things to say about the U.S. federal communications regulator and telecommunications companies push towards being able to charge more for "non-essential' data flow and how it may affect digital TV in the future.

"In an ala carte world, the ala carte applies not just to consumers choosing between TV networks, but distributors choosing which applications to offer. Cable MSOs, Satcos and Telcos want their stock price to go up. They want to make more money. There is the very real possibility, and I would say likelihood that as new software applications come along, and they will, they could successfully compete for bits on distributors networks to the exclusion of TV bits. Im not saying digital TV would go away, it wont. But could substantially less bandwidth be allocated to TV ? Of course."

Yeah, cute. Nice post. And while it's a good warning to any country entering the world of high speed internet with powerful telecommunications companies to put their foot down, it's not quite relevant to the Australian experience (yet).

Then I got to the end and felt I should post his quote because I can see it being something I should keep in my head for the future.

"Its always a mistake to listen to your customers. The goal of any organization should be to give their customers or constituents what they will want, not what they did want. Its not the job of the customer to know their future consumption habits. Its your job"

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