Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Procrastinating Canberra misses digital broadcast | The Australian

An interesting article by The Australian's Mark Day about where Australia sits in the push to a digital future. Unfortunately, the situation is as bad as we'd all suspected.

"None of these delays can be put down to a lack of advice. It is coming from all quarters, but the Government seems prepared only to listen to the advice it wants to hear.

Before the turn of the century the Productivity Commission held a series of hearings to inquire into the digital future, and with today's hindsight, it is clear the commission got it right. It called for the removal of regulatory restrictions to stimulate the marketing of new services.

But the Government offered a deaf ear to the commission, and pigeon-holed the report. "

"If the two biggest media companies in the land don't want something, chances are the Government is not going to want it, either.

But this kind of thinking overlooks the obvious: the digital revolution is with us, and it is unstoppable.

The world is converting, and will continue to do so, whether we're ready or not."

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