Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The future of the TV commercial is from the past | Blog Maverick

It's been a while since I dropped past Mark Cuban's weblog. A pity I've left it so long, because who knows how many other posts like this I've missed?

"I think the traditional commercial break will be the salvation of TV.

Crazy. How can I say that you say. What is my logic you ask.

Well, I would make one big change. I would make commercials live productions.

Thats right, live commercials. Straight out of the 1950s."

"...after the kicker misses a field goal, and we cut to the Levitra commercial.. Cue former player “If that guy would have hit that field goal, his wife would have been all over him to celebrate, but this late in the season, performance on the field and off can be tough. When I played, Iused Levitra. And you know what ? When I had a 4 hour erection, I put that shit to work. I didnt call a doctor. Hell no. My girlfriend… I mean my wife, loved it ” scroll news ticker with disclaimers and warnings.

Would you ever fast forward through a commercial knowing that the next one could be a classic ?"

It's an interesting notion, and one that fits the medium. A pity television's become so lazy.

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