Monday, April 17, 2006

Australian Story Broadband ep 4 and 5

Just a quick note to alert people to last week's broadband edition.

The story of a drunk driver, Ian Van Rooyen, and the family of the man he kills in a road accident. Definitely a polarising episode; you either see Ian as a doomed hero or an irresponsible fool. It's hard to be objective either way.

Then tonight we have an update on a previous Australian Story episode from six years ago, just in time for ANZAC day.

As part of the special we've got the entire original episode (as opposed to the television version where they'll only show half of it) as well as the update on what's happened to the subjects six years later.

"Australian Story travels back in time with a group of Queensland state school students who embarked on an epic mission to the battlefields of Gallipoli and northern Europe several years ago.

First, the program recorded their journey in 1999 as they traced the footsteps of World War I Veterans. Many were surprised the ‘school excursion’ had such an emotional impact on all involved.

Six years on, Australian Story catches up with the students and their teacher and discovers repercussions are still playing out in their lives, in richly rewarding ways."

As part of the Broadband extras make sure you take the time to check out the Google Earth interactive map of the journey (requires Google Earth obviously).

I think we have a week or two off before the next one.

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