Thursday, November 04, 2004

Final Assignments Finally Finished!

Well, its the end of the academic year and I've finally posted my final assignment to the net, so here's links to the final two assessment pieces.

First, DoLE - Domestic Load Evaluator. The brief was to create a piece of technology that made use of mapping technology to facilitate communication in large scale, dynamic social networks. Confused? Join the class. In the end I came up with this proof-of-concept that involves a cartoon character to let a family know what work needs to be done around the house. The rest is explained in the project.
Requires Flash.

Next up is a website based on a research project I completed earlier in the semester. Titled "Fact or Fiction" - Examining the Validity of Information on the Internet, this site looks at the factors that allow false and misleading information to spread so easily, a quick look at about a half dozen of my favourite hoaxes, and a brief examination of various regulations and legislation created by the Australian Government and Courts to regulate Online Content. Mixed in are about a half dozen interviews with journalists, Online service providers and even some of the hoaxters themselves. Hope you enjoy. Comments are welcomed.

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