Monday, November 22, 2004

Try scratching this 50 Gb DVD

Thanks to Mitch Lerman at Digital Video Fuel forums.

From CNet News.

Researchers at electronics giant TDK have developed a tough new coating that promises to make scratched DVDs a thing of the past and that will help usher in an emerging data storage format with 10 times the capacity of the current DVD standard.

The data size is increased through the use of a blue laser rather than the regular red laser. Having a shorter wavelength, the laser is able to pick up data that's more tightly packed on the disk. Called Blu-Ray, the issue has been the lack of toughness of the disk surface which has meant they scratch easily. This new coating means that companies like HP and Dell will be including them in future computers as standard.

Just the thought of 50Gb of easily removable and transferable storage that's nearly indestructible and can be slipped into a CD or DVD case for storage or movement is mind boggling.

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