Sunday, November 07, 2004

A new NBA Season

The new year of American hoops action has finally kicked off and I find myself in a bit of a quandry. I've been a lakers fan for about the last 15 years, from the Showtime Lakers, through the bad times and on to the recent championship winning teams, all while barely having been able to watch a match (don't blame me, blame Australian Free-to-Air TV). The problem is, given everything that went on over the American Summer I'm not sure I can still bring myself to follow my team. A damn shame really. I really used to like that Kobe, but now, like so many others, I'm not so sure.
I'm interested to see how the big guy does in Miami, so I guess I'll just go into this season without a designated team and see what develops; just watch and see who's stepping up this season. Maybe Utah? Denver? We'll see.

For more on the coming season, here's "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons' run through each team and how he thinks they'll fare.

Meanwhile, my home town Brisbane Bullets, after having been tipped as the league favourites to win the title this year, are running 4-7. 4 and freakin' 7!!! They even just went down to the last placed Taipans tonight. I know they've had a bad schedule of games, but things have to improve.

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