Thursday, November 11, 2004

St Expedite - The Patron Saint of the Nerds!

From News.

"Patron Saint of the Nerds"

This article is just great. A Patron Saint of those that want it now, on time, no waiting.

In 1781, or so the story goes, a packing case containing the body of a saint who'd been buried in the Denfert-Rochereau catacombs of Paris was sent to a community of nuns in the city. Those who sent the body wrote "Expedite" on the case, to ensure fast delivery of the corpse for the obvious reasons.
The nuns got confused, assumed Expedite was the name of a martyr, prayed to him, had a bunch of prayers answered amazingly quickly and the cult of St. Expedite was born. News of this saint who cheerfully dispensed quick miracles soon spread rapidly through France and on to other Catholic countries.

"I'm not a big believer in the saints, but St. Expedite is another whole story -- he's so good he's scary," said freelance computer support consultant Kathy Dupon, a resident of New Orleans. "My clients were forever paying me late until I taped a card with the saint's picture behind my mailbox as a joke last year. Now my checks almost always arrive on time."


Anonymous said...

Saint Expedite has neve failed me. I trust in him, I pray to him in addition to Jesus like a form of insurance and when I am in a pickle. He is amazing. He is awesome! Whoohooo St. Expedite u are the MAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

ps he is the patron saints of anyone who is an engineer of any kind, anyone in the IT or communications industry and architects!!!!!!!!