Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Intelsat Americas-7 satellite lost in space

I know space is a long way away, but how do you lose a satellite? What, did it get sucked up by aliens? Maybe shot down when the Russians were testing their missile defense shield?

The purchaser, Zeus Holdings Limited, has advised Intelsat it is evaluating the impact of the IA-7 failure.

I'd be more inclined to worry about the impact on some poor, lonely lighthouse keeper when a couple of tonnes of glowing red-hot space junk comes calling in the middle of the night.

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Colin Smith said...

There are only two explanations for this:

1. A supervillain has taken control of it, and will soon perpetrate some immense evil with it unless stopped by James Bond; or

2. This is the worst ever excuse for a drop in quality-of-service. Somehow "My dog ate the satellite" didn't make the cut as the most plausible reason, but it wouldn't be too far off in this case.