Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Australia Wide Summertime!

Part of the fun that comes with the end of year drop in production is the chance to have time to do something a little different. At the moment we're out and about shooting links for our Australia Wide bulletin in the field, just to get out of the studio and have some fun. Now, this isn't really going to work due to the ethereal nature of television, but I just wanted to point out the differences we've been consciously working towards between the ABC2 version and the web version.

First up, the Video Lives retrospective. Of course, that sort of thing doesn't really work online, mainly because if you want to go back and revisit the contributions of Ryan, Hailey or Kelly you can do so easily through the site. With that in mind, the online version skips over that bit and just plays the news items.

Due to this first point, we've been trying to break away from the "shoot once, publish many" mindset that has been a little pervasive of late. If you get a chance to watch tonight's episode on ABC2, then catch the online version you'll notice that there's a difference in the shots we've used. The structure is pretty much unchanged, but where we've gone for movement in the TV version (zoom ins, walking in shot, large expanses of moving water) we've opted for static, well balanced and tighter shots for online. Anyone with an understanding of encoding video for the web will understand why we've made that decision.

The best bit is that this extra work to set up, shoot and edit these different versions has been negligible due to the modular structure of the program. Big congrats to Kerrin Binnie for his work on the program this week (the Aus Wide presenters also produce, write links, edit and publish to TV and the web), with thanks to Jessica Askin who came along today to lend a hand with the shoot. While I'm here I should also offer congrats to Karin Fitzhardinge and Kelly Yates who produce the show out of Sydney, original EP Janet Carr (now doing Good Game), Melinda Nucifora and Georgina Robinson who've been sharing presenter duties with Kerrin through the year (good luck to both ladies as they go on to other projects next year) and everyone involved with Aus Wide in its first year in this format. We're kind of proud of the show.

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