Friday, December 15, 2006

Ze Frank is leading towards something

First there was yesterday's questions on the nature of the Sports Racer community's relationship with him...

"Running through syrup"

...followed by today's episode talking about the changing nature of community to navigate an increasingly confusing world, using the playground as a metaphor...


[Sings] "Any individual entity that pretends to understand the rules that guide this space is under an illusion"

Then there was some of his comments regarding the viewer community in a recent interview.

(Just skip to 20:25 and listen through to 56:08. Everything on either side kind of shits me, mainly whenever Bob Parsons is talking.)

To top it off, there's the beta launch of the new ORG site, limited to the first 300 sign-ups, and the occasional comment about strange things on the horizon that he's not ready to comment on just yet.

Maybe he's just thinking ahead to what's going to happen to the site once he's done with the show, but there's definitely something being planned and slowly revealed. If nothing else, I'm fascinated to see how what has become an incredibly active and tightly knit community will survive after the locus is removed. For that matter, I'm pretty interested in this idea of the community locus and whether I'm right off track with this.

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