Monday, December 11, 2006

Lycos Cinema - Why this will never work

So I jump to the new Lycos Cinema page from a link on Media Blog and this is what I find.

No love for Firefox, insistence on running Win Media Player. And I'm a PC user. Imagine the Mac-heads getting no joy.

The other day I linked to an article by Steve Bryant called "If I can't reuse your media, then your media is useless". To crawl before we walk, how about we modify it to read "If I can't access your media the way I want then why do you have a job?"

By the way, I should link to this Business Week article mentioned at about a future for long form video content on the net.


Anonymous said...

Check out ClipSync They didn't even launch yet but I found out via a friend and used it last night. Very cool, a whole new genre.

Leonard King said...

Dammit! The Comment Challenge has been reset!! And by an anonymous poster no less. I hate that!!