Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Tally Begins - Will Sony's PSP viral site get tongues wagging?

I like to check out Digg just to keep an eye on what's bouncing through the Internet's collective radar. Today I found this little beauty linking to this Kotaku article (check out that "UGC video" - frickin' morons).

"Some marketing genius for Sony has made some lame website that is apparently written by a couple of hipsters about how much they want a PSP. Problem is, the domain is registered to some lame marketing company. Way to go Sony! The Winnar Is You!"

The idea here is not to bag Sony (I gave up on them having a clue ages ago), but rather to see how many industry pundits jump onboard over the next day or so and take a shot at Sony for it. Of the blogs I read, the current front-runner is probably "Good Morning Silicon Valley", with "Wired" and "BuzzMachine" closing fast. I could be wrong here, but the cynic in me is waiting for a blogsplosion.

[Update] Wired's off the mark! Who's next?

[Double Update] Man, I was so wrong. Barely a blip. Shows what I know.

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