Friday, December 01, 2006

The Rise of Flash Video

I will freely admit that I've been a skeptic when it's come to Flash video. However, the fact is that Flash has some things going for it that the other three big formats just can't match in the same way.

Ubiquity, simplicity and interactivity/interoperability for starters.

As my reservations slowly begin to crumble and I begin to view FLV's with new eyes, fellow Adobe Community Expert Tom Green has a few things to say on the subject.

"From my perspective, I find the shift from “video as video” to “video as content,” especially on the Flash stage, to be rather fascinating. Experimenting with After Effects, I have come to the conclusion that the boundaries are blurring between what we’d call “Flash content” and “Video content” in a Flash movie clip. I have been bending video around objects, putting the FLV in a movie clip and applying Alpha transparency and the Blend modes to the movie clip. The upshot is what I call a “meta movie clip.” That is content in a Flash movie clip that is a hybrid of Flash and video content."

Best quality for watching long form video in an IPTV environment? Doubt it.

Making video work in the short term and as part of rich, interactive experiences? Sure beats hell out of Win, Real or QT.

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