Friday, December 01, 2006

What do you get if you cross the Walkleys with YouTube?

First up, congratulations to my colleagues who walked away with Walkley Awards.

In particular, our own Jess Daly for co-winning "Sports Feature Journalism" for the episode "One Perfect Day".

Congrats also to the Sydney Morning Herald guys for winning "Best Use of the Medium", the category we nominated for.

Of course, by now most people with an interest in media in this country already know about "The Milne Affair". Let's step past the incident for a moment, and whether the cheering crowd were chastising or supporting him (you don't think's not the black sheep at a journalism awards dinner?), and take a look at the fallout. In particular, this chain of events.

Last night someone (the discovery of the identity of "burtom" I'm sure will only be a matter of time) posts a video of the event on YouTube.

Not surprisingly, everyone not associated with News Limited goes crazy with the Milne story. What is perhaps surprising is that The Age, a Fairfax publication, links to the YouTube video on their site.

Then, even more surprisingly,, the employer of Milne, links to it as well as part of the apology story.

Is this the first time a major Australian media organisation has linked to YouTube in one of their stories? Not once, but twice?

Of course, if you want to see the footage in a little better quality I'll pass you onto our site.

Make it shareable and they will come... and go... but then come back.

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