Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol

Now with added allegory...

"Computers were evident in other rooms of the homes, and people sat typing and drawing and reading and watching. There was only a scattering of antennas on the chimneys of the homes.

A bone shivering chill swept over Ebenezer's body as he considered the scene before him, and he felt a want that was unfamiliar.

"What's happened to my business?" he inquired of the Spirit. "You cannot represent the present, Ghost. Where are the people watching television? What about Nielsen? What about my clients?"

"You seek the past in what is now," the Ghost replied.

"Humbug," Broadcaster muttered. "This is nonsense! My spreadsheet still shows profit.""

A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol | Terry Heaton's PoMo Blog

Two years old, but probably more relevant after the year we've had than ever before.

Yes, I'm posting from work on a Saturday. Don't ask.

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