Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stuff I got seriously wrong in 2006 - Lost Remote TV Blog

Let me start by saying that I seriously enjoy reading Lost Remote. Around this time last year I posted a link to Lost Remote Managing Editor Steve Safran's "Stuff I Got Seriously Wrong in 2005".

"BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE YEAR: The video iPod. In my six years at LR, I don't think I've made as bad a prediction as guessing it would be a minor blip."

Despite the slightly defensive comment I received from Mr Safran at the time, I hold to this day that there are few blogs I enjoy reading more, particularly when the head honcho steps up and says "yep, I said that".
(BTW, if anyone from LR drops through via Technorati this year, I'm interested in filing international stories on the Australian media :-)

Here's the most recent effort. I don't think anyone could fault him for this year's predictions.

"LONELYGIRL15: While I was correct in guessing from the start that the thing was a work of fiction, I was wrong in guessing its origin. I figured there was a big company behind it, trying out some new viral marketing thingy. Turns out it was performance art. Or maybe it’s a new viral art thingy trying to be marketing. Whatever. I’m still wrong."

Well yeah, but the whole thing kind of smelled of a set-up. Where I got it wrong was in believing that once the truth came out it would get dropped like a stale sock. I guess we shouldn't underestimate people's ability to suspend disbelief if it suits them.

Of course, I'm no stranger to off-target predictions too.

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