Friday, September 02, 2005

The aftermath of Katrina - Rocketboom

I love Rocketboom. I love the lazy humour, the terrible, but ever improving, production values and the warm smile of the host Amanda Congdon.

That's why today's episode was quite surprising and more than a little moving. In it, the host plays the part of a woman, plucked from her home in New Orleans and left at the Superdome Relief shelter, a place that is being reported as being like a "Concentration camp." The character has lost her house, her husband and everything she owns.

Some of the comments that have already shown up on the site have been negative, perhaps expecting a more traditional view of the stories that the mainstream media tends to put on the backburner, or that it's just a portfolio piece to show the host's acting ability. But today's episode reaches out in a totally different way. It's touching, moving and really highlights the human story in what I only today realised was a disgusting and horrific tragedy, a mix of the worst of corporate greed, racial and class inequality, government bungling, and the animal instincts that still hide beneath a thin veil of civilisation.

There's a quote out there, from where I can't recall, that goes along the lines of "we're all only 24 hours and two good meals away from barbarism." When the State Governor needs to tell people that she's bringing in battle-hardened combat troops to restore public order, with a mandate to "shoot-to-kill", you know things are out of hand.

Anyway, watch the clip, but visit the site again at a different time to take a look at what the vlog's normally like.

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