Monday, September 19, 2005

TV News in a Postmodern World |

When I say it, no one listens. Put it in an article on a website and suddenly everyone's linking to it.


A wonderful article by Terry Heaton discussing some of the reasons why television stations, particularly TV News, has problems coming to terms with the idea of the way media is changing. To paraphrase Heaton, television needs to stop thinking of themselves as just makers of TV and start thinking of themselves as MEDIA producers. Once you start to realise that television is only one way of getting the information across (and information is the key here. This isn't a "Content is King" argument, it's something far more intrinsic) you start to look beyond the self-imposed boundaries that a particular medium imposes.

"And isn't acceptance what we really need now, as our old media models slip away? To the extent that we look the other way, bitch and moan, try to "work together with new media," or wax nostalgic in our own despondency, we're sitting ducks for others not tied to the past. Acceptance is what we need to shake the "don't get it" label and move forward with innovative models that meet the information needs of our communities and bring the roads of business opportunity back to us.

After all, we have a TV station in our arsenal. That gives us a huge advantage over anybody else."

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