Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Rise Of The VJ | DV - Features

Posted here mainly for my own interest, this article from DV.com (requires registration) runs through an introduction explaining exactly what a VJ, or Video Jockey, is and does. This is an area I find incredibly fascinating and I've always been annoyed with myself that I didn't pursue it further. I look at a lot of the stuff out there and tend to get quite disappointed. Then again, maybe it's just because I'm used to switching with a 3 MLE multi entry switcher with enough keying power to sink a ship. Things are a bit different with a DVD player, a tape deck, a copy of WinAmp and an old Panasonic MX50.


Anonymous said...

likewise. i remember going back to high school two years after i left to vj a school dance. two video machines a sound system and a big screen projector and my tapes of rage.

worked far too well.

the fiend
and the nightlife music catelogue would be nice to raid.

Leonard King said...

I'm not just talking mixing music videos, I'm talking about creating visuals to complement a music mix. If you've ever seen the work done by Tomato on Underworld's "Dark Train remix" and "Pearl's Girl" you'd know what I mean.
(Great. I disavow the use of music videos by describing them with music videos.)

A better example would be to say "the stuff that goes on in the background of an Underworld concert." If you've seen the DVD "Everything Everything" you'd DEFINITELY know what I meant.

BTW Simy, you know you can post a comment as "Other," add your name and put a link to your LJ in it?