Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lighting For Chroma Key Part 1 - DV Columns

Huzzah for the Rev. John Jackman whose vast production experience brings us this much needed article. This is an issue that constantly comes up on every video editing forum I'm a part of.

"How do I set lights for a chroma key?"
"Why does my chroma key look so bad?"
"Should I use green or blue?"

Long term readers of KingLeonard - The Weblog will recognise that last one as being of particular interest to the editorial team here.

"Another tale floating around the Internet is that green is better than blue for chroma keying with DV. This claim has some basis in reality (the luma channel is derived from the green channel), but the advantage is slight, certainly not the huge advantage that some self-proclaimed gurus say."

Lighting for Chroma Key Part 1

I'll post part 2 when it comes up.
As always, requires registration for their articles but it's well worth it for articles like this.

Come to think of it, I seem to remember this article from some time ago. It's quite likely that this is a reprint. Doesn't make the information any less valid.

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