Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Next Mother Lode: Mars | Wired News

Wired News: The Next Mother Lode: Mars

"Space entrepreneurs eyeing Mars as a hub of some future solar system economy launched a startup on Tuesday to mine the red planet for building materials.

The new company, 4Frontiers, plans to mine Mars for building materials and energy sources, and export the planet's mineral wealth to forthcoming space stations on the moon and elsewhere.

The company also wants to build the first permanent human settlement on Mars, using strictly Martian materials, as early as 2025.

4Frontiers will also be hiring soon, said (company co-founder and CEO Mark Homnick).

"We're not shooting blanks," said Homnick. "We need to staff up. Our message to recent college graduates is, 'You can go with a large corporation, give up some of your freedom and most of your dreams. Or, if you have freedom in your heart, courage to face the unknown and discipline to deliver, contact us.'" "

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