Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's Not TV, It's Yahoo | New York Times

(Welcome to the bandwagon)

The New York Times runs an interesting article on Lloyd Braun, the man hired by Yahoo last year to run its burgeoning media operation. Some interesting thoughts from a television heavyweight on how he intends to marry the linear world of television with the interactive world of the interweb.

"Mr. Braun's handiwork is just starting to be seen at Yahoo. And as he increasingly puts his stamp on the company, the rest of the media - both old and new - are watching carefully, if not nervously.

As chairman of ABC's entertainment group, Mr. Braun had a penchant for big offbeat concepts like "Lost," which won the Emmy for best drama. At Yahoo, why not create programs in genres that have worked on TV but not really on the Web? Sitcoms, dramas, talk shows, even a short daily humorous take on the news much like Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" are in the works."

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