Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Canon Displays HDV Camcorder | Camcorder Info.com

And to think I was just about to ask my Uncle when Canon intended to make its foray into the HDV market. Next thing I know, here it is; a matte black XL2 with HDV printed on the side.

Unfortunately, as tends to happen with Canon cameras, it's got the features they figure people want, but not necessarily everything that people actually want. Lack of 24p is a big one, especially for those shooting and editing Hi-def then actually outputting for cine across to film. Ignorant fools and their "I want 24p because I want it to look like film!" can go and perform various forms of illegal physical acts upon themselves.

Lack of 720p is also a concern, especially as the HD spec does allow for both 720p and 1080i.

What do I care? I'm not likely to pick one up so I'll just happily sit back and listen to the inevitable bitching that occurs whenever a new product is launched.

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