Thursday, September 29, 2005

Virtual Entrepreneur | Ideal World - A Second Life documentary

Via Rocketboom.

Not only are people living, working and MAKING MONEY in virtual worlds, now they're making documentaries about it!

"In May 2003 a new land of opportunity opened. Thousands of people from around the globe rushed in to populate this unknown world...

This world, where so many moved to create new lives, does not exist on a map. It exists only on computer servers and screens. It is a virtual world. It is Second Life."

"Kasi began making clothes and accessories for her character. She began selling her fashion designs to other characters. She began to offer her services as a photographer to people in Second Life through Pixel Dolls. In her photo shoots, she took glamour shots of their characters and emailed the images to the real people behind the characters.

"She opened a boutique and named it Pixel Dolls. She began earning Linden dollars (the local virtual currency). She was able to convert the Linden dollars to American dollars through an online currency exchange. The exchange rate fluctuates so she carefully tracks it to get the best value for her work when exchaning money. Kasie doesn't work in the real world. Her job is Pixel Dolls. Her real work is to live in Second Life."

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