Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Avid to acquire Pinnacle

By now everyone's marching this one out, but I figured I had to get in on the act. Avid Technologies, the company that made their name an industry term for "non-linear editing" is buying up growing broadcast and video company Pinnacle Systems. Best known for their consumer products Pinnacle have been expanding themselves over the last decade, buying up companies like the German video card manufacturer Miro (I myself still own a Miro DC30+ capture card).

The interesting thing to watch will be what Avid intends to do with their consumer end products, specifically Avid Express DV. Of course, what would be really disappointing is if Avid starts going downmarket and further falls behind in the broadcast field as it chases the Adobe Premiere market.

Time will tell.

Press Release - Avid Technology, Inc. to Acquire Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

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