Tuesday, March 08, 2005

German Big Brother

Via We Make Money Not Art.com

The most recent series of Big Brother is about to kick off in Germany. As an interesting social experiment, the producers have created a village for the contestants to inhabit, with each member doing a job and playing a social role (Rich, poor, average). They will be paid money depending on how well they perform their tasks throughout the series, however they lose the amount if they leave voluntarily. Even more interesting, the show has no set end date at this point, which means some of these people could take a liking to the place and live there indefinitely.

WMMNA - "Big Brother TV Village"

WMMNA - "Real Life Soap Opera"

BBC News - "German Big Brother to Run and Run"

I'm not a real Big Brother fan, having seen a series being created from the inside (crew, not cast), but this sounds interesting. Of course, depending on how the contestants take to it the whole thing could be a huge snore.

Not that I could understand anything they were saying anyway. Hmm, learn German. Put it at the end of my list of things-to-do.

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