Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A couple of weblogs

Just pointing to a couple of weblogs from friends of mine.

Liquor and Wordcount is written by my boy Patrick O'Duffy. Patrick is a writer and aspiring D.J. Experience his scribblings as he attempts to make his ongoing deadlines with lack of sanity intact.
Just a quick warning. While Patrick's ongoing stream of consciousness can be highly entertaining, he does like to use the vernacular from time to time. Small children should be dissuaded from reading it (unless you wish to give them a bit of life experience).

More or Less... is an ongoing travel journal by one of my former "students" Darcy Fitzpatrick. I met Darcy through the Adobe Premiere User Forums a number of years ago and took it upon myself to throw him video and editing knowledge. He's definitely moved on from there as an editor and just recently made a bigger move; from Newfoundland, Canada to London, England.
He's a clever kid is our Darcy and worth a read for a bit of escapism.

Fiendish Patterns, because it's Simy and a little bit of Simy's always worth having at hand.

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