Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Last Clock - More interesting mapping.

Any QUT students who pass by this blog from Chris' Many Hands Project site who are looking at doing KIN809 Interaction Design should stop in and take a look at The Last Clock for an idea on their final assignment. It's an interesting demonstration of mapping space to time by segmenting a standard clock into hours, minutes and seconds, then filling that portion of the clock face with input from a video camera that records everything that goes on in front of it. Over a 12 hour period you get an idea of what sort of activity occurred when.

An interesting demonstration is this picture of 12 hours of looking at the sky overnight.

The hour band (inner circle) shows mainly black, night skies except where the sunrise has started to come up in the previous hour. The minute band actually shows the sky starting to lighten over the previous hour and the second band is relatively unchaged over the previous minute.

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