Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Video camera for risky sports

And people wonder why I love the WMMNA site...

Snowboard videographers! Are you sick of powder getting stuck in your record heads? Worried about that your cam hitting that tree while you ski backwards? Well fret no more!

Designer Ben Wilson brings you the inflatable camera housing. The whole things acts like a cushion and weather shield while you're on the slopes.

Not to be outdone, his other camera stabiliser, the Fig-Rig (on the right), developed and patented with Film Director Mike Figgis, forces the user to hold it with arms at shoulder width to help maintain a steady shot. A version with integrated electronics is being developed in association with Italian camera stabiliser manufacturer Manfrotto and is due out some time soon (early 2005).

You can even get a cheaper version manufactured to order by Ben for £80 through his website.

we make money not art: Video camera for risky sports

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