Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fred Durst says: My cellphone was not hacked - Engadget

A few days ago I made a comment at Digital Video Fuel forums that certain very ordinary people were using up other's 15 minutes of fame quota to prolong their celebrity. One of the names mentioned was Fred Durst, frontman for Limp Bizkit. And here's why.

A few weeks ago, noted "I'm only famous because my daddy's rich" media-whore Paris Hilton had her Mobile hacked and the contents posted on the internet (the frightening thing? Sales in the phone she used, the Sidekick II through T-Mobile, the company that hosts her cellphone account, have gone through the roof!).

Well only a short while later a sex video of Durst appeared online, apparantly from the same guy that had hacked Paris' phone. Durst came out quite soon after to let us all know that no, his phone hadn't been hacked. The clip had been copied from his computer when he'd taken it in for a service.

And this is better... how?

Anyway, the bit I love is this quote from the story.

"He’s trying to look on the bright side, though, saying that he doesn’t hate hackers and that hopefully what happened to him and Paris is teaching people that nothing is safe and that in the end is “causing awareness for homeland security.” So basically making a stolen sex tape was his contribution to the war on terror. A true patriot!"

Way to cover your mistake Fred.

Fred Durst says: My cellphone was not hacked - Engadget -

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