Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Post-Easter

Given the events of the past few days I could mention issues such as this...

courtesy The Age *

or this...

courtesy The Age *

or even this...

courtesy UComics *

or even link to this...

Baxter Protests End Violently

However given my three days off I'm feeling rested and relaxed, ready to get back to work.

Instead I'll take this opportunity to thank Steve Darlington and the SteveCon crew (which I think is Helga) for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon of game action, hanging with friends and meeting new people. I particularly enjoyd the Cthulhu game and the "Apples and Apples" although people seemed to be really getting their jollies in the Star Wars session. It's been too long since I've done the RPG thing and it was great to get the dice bag out of storage and blow the dust off.

* Thanks to Patrick at Liquor and Wordcount for the heads up on the cartoons.

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