Thursday, March 17, 2005

Digital daze -

Why don't people like Digital TV in Australia? Basically it's because there's nothing to look at. People don't want to buy set-top boxes because there's no content. Set-top box manufacturers don't want to make them because there's no public demand. Content producers don't want to make content because there's no one with set-top boxes, and on and on...

The launch of ABC2 may not be the most exciting thing ever to hit the airwaves, and God knows it's caused me a few headaches over the last few weeks, but it's a start. I've just had the most hellacious day imaginable, being told not long after starting this morning that something I had edited the previous day contained an obscenity because I had missed the talent's mistake and pickup. I've been in a black funk over it all day and as anyone that's seen me work will know when I make a mistake I could brood for my country.

Despite that, this article in Melbourne's "The Age" newspaper online made me remember that while what we're doing here may not be the most exciting of projects in the short term, the ramifications for what we're doing in this country's media landscape is profound with ongoing ramifications for what's yet to come.

So as I head home to briefly rest before heading back again early tomorrow morning, I can leave with a wry smile in the corner of my mouth as the self-imposed weight lifts ever so slightly.

(Still, I can see a long hot shower followed by a good stint of Nine Inch Nails tonight.)

Digital daze -

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