Friday, March 18, 2005

Donkey John

East Timor 's oil reserves are under threat by the greedy Donky John! Only you, Xanana Gus-mario, can bring down the big monkey and bring some much needed oil revenue to your starving country.

Donkey John

As part of the State of Play exhibition at the Australian Centre For The Moving Image in Melbourne, social justice campaigner Joe Boughton-Dent brings us this political satire in the shape of a classic video game as a means of raising the profile of the Timor Sea Justice Campaign.

You know, I'd hate to think that this government aided in the liberation of East Timor from Indonesia, risking the lives of our Servicemen and women, purely so they could wring oil out of a grateful but impoverished nation. Then again, John Howard has tended to follow the lead of the U.S. in these matters...

Anyway, if you're in Melbourne or just passing through get down to ACMI and check it out. Or just check out these soon-to-be classics such as,

Kabul Kaboom

Kuma\War mission 24: John Kerry's Silver Star
Escape From Woomera and
Waco Resurrection

The reason I brought it up was as a result of this little interactive piece which will be on display at ACMI for a week at the end of April. I was looking for this and found the other.
Intimate Transactions

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