Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Need a Building? Just Add Water - Wired News

Once again, it seems so simple now...

Peter Brewin and William Crawford, two students of industrial design engineering at the RCA, London, have created an ingenious method of manufacturing quick, rigid structures that can be easily transportable to create shelters in emergency situations.

A plastic bag holds a pre-fabricated canvas structure that is impregnated with concrete. When required all that you need is enough water to fill the bag. Once mixed, the bag can be inflated and the structure is formed. Given 12 hours to harden, the resulting building is 16 square metres and can even be presented in a sterile form for medical requirements.

"If this was available now, we would buy 10 today," said Monica Castellarnau, program head for Medicins Sans Frontieres in Uganda.

Wired News: Need a Building? Just Add Water

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